On December 12, 2010, the Mono Sheriff’s Department stopped a vehicle on US 395 for speeding.  Deputies noted a television and tools in the vehicle and contacted MLPD because of information shared between the two departments regarding several recent residential burglaries in town.  The Toshiba television matched the description of one stolen in Mammoth in October.


MCSD transported the vehicle’s occupants and the property to MLPD, where it was determined that a 17 year old male juvenile passenger who had recently moved to Mammoth was in possession of the stolen TV and several other items, including a computer, taken in the same burglary.  Another television and some other items stolen in two other residential burglaries in October and November were later recovered from the juvenile’s residence.


The juvenile was turned over to Mono County Probation on charges of possession of stolen property.  He was booked into Juvenile Hall in Independence.


The Sheriff’s Department arrested three adult occupants in the vehicle on other charges, including weapons violations connected to a shotgun found in the car.  A juvenile female passenger was released to family in Mammoth after it was determined that she was not involved in any criminal activity.


Investigation into the six burglaries and the possible location of other stolen property is continuing.


For more information, contact Detective Doug Hornbeck at 760-934-2011 ext 17.