It was recently brought to our attention that a telephone scam is currently going on in Mono County and in the Town of Mammoth Lakes. A company claiming to be “State Investigative Agency” with a caller ID of 760-935-3927 is making calls to local residents attempting to gain personal information. At times, they claim to be an officer and that they have a warrant for your arrest. So far, based on the information we have received, they have phished / hacked information from Payday Loan companies which you may have applied for.  They claim that you owe them money and you need to pay them via credit card.


We have been able to confirm that this is not a legitimate company doing legitimate business. If you receive a call from this company, do not give them any personal information. If you have any questions, please contact Officer Daniel Hansen or Detective Doug Hornbeck at 760-934-2011.