The 2010 Start of Summer Click-It or Ticket campaign was a success. The Mammoth Lakes Police Department advertised this campaign in local papers, radio and by placing a large digital message sign on Main Street. This resulted in a noticeable increase in seatbelt usage in Mammoth Lakes. The increase was determined from seatbelt surveys conducted prior to the start of the campaign and another survey conducted after the campaign had ended. The pre-campaign seatbelt use rate was 87% with a post-campaign use rate of 95%. This brings the Town of Mammoth Lakes up to the national average of 95.3%

.The Mammoth Lakes Police Department also incorporated enforcing the hands free cell phone law with the Click-It or Ticket campaign. Unfortunately the compliance rate remained the same at about 95%. Although this is a high compliance rate, due to the recent studies about the dangers and risks associated with talking on a cell phone and driving, MLPD’s goal is to have 100% of drivers observe the hands free cell phone law.

The Mammoth Lakes Police Department would like to remind drivers that our department will continue to actively enforce the hands free cell phone and seatbelt laws. If you are stopped for not wearing your seatbelt or talking on a cell phone without a hands free device expect to receive a citation.

Do yourself, your family and friends, and the other drivers on the road a favor. Buckle up and use a hands free device while on your cell phone.

For information about seat belt and cell phone laws please contact Officer David Scobie at 760-934-2011 ex. 55.